Petrichor Amber Memorial

Bromley London, UK



Public Art Commission

Client: Amber Pregnancy Charity and Bromley Council

Design Team: Maetherea (Cristina Morbi, Kristina Chan)

Construction & Installation: CGLA

Location: Bromley, London, UK

Stage: Under Development


Petrichor is a site-specific public artwork designed for Amber Pregnancy Charity and Bromley Council.

This memorial is a place of remembrance for women who experienced miscarriages, a place for healing and memories.

This sculpture shows the cycle of growth and renewal. Its form represents that of a drop of water. Constructed from individual “u” shaped rods its structure acts as a funnel, directing and collecting rainwater to its base.

Petrichor (noun) describes the sweet earthly smell produced when rain falls on dry soil.

The base of the sculpture is open: filled with soil and seeded with Virgina Creepers. As time passes, the vines will grow, watered by nature, aided by the sculpture. The Virgina Creeper represents mourning, but with its growth, we also see its transformative and healing elements. Surrounding the sculpture are two memorial walls. Their curvature and slant oscillate, cocoon the walkway. They represent wings, warmth, and strength in memory. Built

from bricks they offer stability, but the gaps between them offer outlook, openness, and connection. Long grasses will change colours throughout the seasons, from soft green to bright orange and red, mimicking the warmth of the wines, and the warmth of the space we aim to create.

This piece returns us to the earth. The sculpture breaks the earth but in turn returns to it and aids in its regrowth. It demonstrates how nature can both give and take, illustrating the reciprocity and delicate balance between us and the world.

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