‘Places are poetic. They grow and change, influenced and inspired by the people that pass through them.

Because of this, our works are interactive.  They are made to approach, touch, sit and engage with.

Actions change our sculptures, trigging light, sounds, echos. Rain, Wind, Sunlight, and unpredictable interactions create a new landscape of interactive responses.

In this way, we make the work, but they are completed by the human community and natural agents they come into contact with.

This creates a symbiosis between art and its environment.’

Kristina Chan


Maetherea {Matter+Ethereal) is an innovation-oriented Design Studio, working internationally on Environmental Design and Public Art. We are a multidisciplinary creative practice that aims to create sustainable landscape design, public art and sculptural works that couple renewable resources with technology to create spaces that changes through time, unifying matter performances with natural and artificial agents.

We focus on unique design solutions, from concept to development, proposing the forth dimension of Time as key element to operate in the Public Realm. We create Time-Based Iconic Design and Art installation working on the interaction between human and nature, continuously evolving in new scenarios.

We believe urban spaces are not a sequence of objects, but rather a choreography of performances, jointing the Sculptural perception to Experiential design, and evocative. In this way, we focus on the narrative: the story behind a place and finding a new and creative way to celebrate this.

Performative Landscapes Public Art and Time-Based design


Cristin Morbi is a London based Architectural and Landscape Designer working for the Public Realm and Art Commission focusing on Site-Specific Landscape Architecture, Environmental Design and Public Art. She is affiliated with Universities in Milan and London, as Visiting Professor MSc Politecnico di Milano School of Design, and Senior Associate Lecturer and The Sir John Cass School of Art Architecture and Design.
Exploring performative processes in Landscape Architecture, she founded in 2018 Design The Unpredictable DETHUN, a Studio Manifesto bringing together design, art and research, using unpredictable data and analysis as a poetic inspiration for the design process. This evolved in Maetherea.
Her research and work bring together phenomenologic landscape, through time-based design working on the relationship between natural and artificial agents and questioning the life-span of design gestures, how they shape the landscape, sculptural features and installations. The concept of Environmental design is extended to Environmental Performance and the deliberate and designed mutations and morphosis that take place in the whole life span of a project.

Jean-Baptiste Roux is a London based head of Database and Business developement, working on strategies and benchmarking, unifying Art and Tech. He is the creator of the Database of Performances, developing the know-how and vision of Dethun. Jean-Baptiste is trained in the Business School of UIBE, in France and China. He is passionate about the creative worls, and works on tech-art platforms, Artlogic and Aucart.

Kristina Chan is a London based Artist, her works are a culmination and accumulation into site specific history to depict socio-cultural entropic narratives.  They explore the correlation between architecture and sculptural landscapes of derelict and disused spaces.  She is interested in sites where the intersection between function and intention have fallen into decline and disrepair, where untold histories recount themselves, in all their brevity, satire, beauty, and collapse.

Aurora Destro is an Architect and Visual Artist based in Milan. She is Ephemeral Design Professor at Politecnico di Milano, working on the themes of temporality, rituals and time-based design. 


Together with Prof. Giovanna Piccinno - Politecnico di Milano, and Markus Jatsch Martha Schwartz Partners, we fostered the interdisciplinary workshop and hub Climate Performance, exploring design and research to address Climate Change issues through art and science, mentoring students on the creative aspect of future cities and design development. The work has been exhibited in Milano Triennale International - Broken Nature 2019.