Kochia Memoria


Erosion, Germination


Concept Design Competition
NonArch Copetition Dying
Cristina Morbi, Kristina Chan
Award: Finalist


Kochia Memoria is a proposal in remembrance.
It explores new rituals of burial, where death is not the end but a new beginning. The last act returns us to the earth and our biological reincarnation into new species.

The design of a sustainable cremation process places loved ones’ ashes in a biodegradable urn sprinkled with Kochia Scoparia seeds.

Urns, comprised of PHA polymer, filter the air and water as it degrades, releasing the now fertilised Kochia Scoparia seeds to spread and grow. Kochia Escoparia seeds are able to germinate under high-stress conditions, such as lack of moisture, high 
salinity, or extremes in pH as the human ashes.  Through the cyclical process of self-grafting and germination, the plant continuously relives: from seed to a green shrub to a pink flame. And then again, re-seedling itself as a tumbleweed. 

Life is not static, and neither is death. Kochia Memoria reminds us of the journey’s we take even after death. We live on in the memories of those we leave behind, in each blade of grass we sprout, and the very wind that carries us.

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