Erosion, Stratification


Concept Design
Professor Giovanna Piccinno, Francesca Murialdo
Team: Joe Zhou, Qing Xie, Alice Maffi,
Valentina Marinig, Cristina Morbi


The unique configuration of Waterschei Mine, in Genk (Belgium) is made up by tension areas arising from the territorial configuration, in order to show Dirt aspect of the site: different matrix model to understand the law of the space organization, to underline a deep cracked landscape.

The result of the border-lines overlap creates a crack in the ground, a tridimensional landscape that evoke the mine experience of descending in the earth. Moreover in the project the topic of exhaustion is a key points: we created structures that allows the site to erode itself, and hiding new structures and space that will be visible once the exhaustion has been reached, after 60 years.

The geological connotation of, a mine, is very linked to the geological sense and has enabled us to think about how a public place can evolve in a place deeply characterized, without overlapping to it.
The answer came from the same geology: we designed tectonic plates, which are physical places and functional collective responses that could occur on plate margins. Depressions, overlays, inclinations give a physical response to a place that is into the ground, also marked by places of solitude, real cracks to follow a path that descended into charcoal and almost claustrophobic.

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