Clay Field




Public Art Commission (Shortlisted Proposal)

Client: Farnham Council

Design Team: Maetherea (Cristina Morbi, Aurora Destro)

Location: Longbridge, Farnham, UK

Fabrication (Pottery): Paul Wheeler

Construction & Installation: CGLA

Stage: Schematic Design, Shortlisted Project


Performative. Memory. Environmental. Reconstruction.

Clay field is a site-specific installation, precisely oriented on the riverside walk-off Longbridge in Farnham. It is linked to the fascinating history of Farnham and the tradition of pottery, continuing to the present day. It is a site-specific installation investigating the themes of matter, time, environment and performative landscape. Engaging with the environment around, its realisation involves the action of people and the community.
Pottery is one of the oldest human inventions. It is a Middle English word from Old French poterie, from potier ‘a potter’. Our research refers to this ancient craft, involving two elementary elements: Earth and Fire. Together they give shape to a vessel - a container -, able to host a third fundamental element to humans and humanity: Water.
Our research investigates the action of pottery, expressed with the archetypical shape of cups. Cups are objects ready to be filled with something, they symbolise emotion. Through our installation, we want to give shape to a collective emotional act, an offering to the place. Our role is to design and realise it, but also to choreograph a communal artistic action in order to produce a poetic structure/artwork.

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