Public Art Commission 
Client: London Square and London Croydon Councils Culture Team
Design Team: Maetherea (Cristina Morbi, Aurora Destro)
Engineering, Fabrication & Installation: Cake Industries
Community Engagement: Sasha Tikonov, Alexandra Hincapie
Stage: Under Development


Performative. Kaleidoscope. Reflections. Vegetal Cathedral.

Kaleidosteeple shapes an accessible Observation Device inspired by the central geometry of a kaleidoscope’s changing patterns.
It is a visual attractive point in the square, a precious vertical element with the landmarking function of a steeple; its multiple mirrored faces reflect Croydon’s multi-diverse human and urban landscape.
An elegant modular white structure sustains the central Kaleidosteeple. Aluminium scaffolding poles painted snow white form an elegant structural element. While the light design and colours relate the structure to the lightness of air and skylight, its materiality refers to the urbanity and its growth energy, which makes Croydon beautifully alive and interesting to observe.

This shape creates both a protected space to stop by and socialise and will offer different reflected viewpoints and possibly different ways to look at things. This interactive artwork will suggest Croydon’s heterogeneous community to looking its diversities with curiosity and pride

Maquette Reflection Studies

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