Spring Gateway




Design development - Constructed
Studio: Martha Schwartz Partners
Engineer: Atelier One
Client: Shede Wine Co Ltd
Design Year 2017
Completion 2019
Studio: Martha Schwartz, Markus Jatsch, Cristina Morbi
Project Manager: Eike Selby, Xinli Du, Matthew Short
Gateway Designer: Cristina Morbi
Photographer: Art Network

The design for Tuopain Winery Gateway takes inspiration from the structure of a waterfall.
The Baijiu wine produced by Tuopai winery has in essence in water: in this area of Chengdou a spring was discovered and allows the production of the most traditional Chinese wine. From the legend, to nowadays, water is the key element of the production. The Spring Gateway, with a cantilever structure, is support by cascade inspired columns. It allows the collection of the heavy rainwater of Chengdu province into the column, which is then directed to a central water channel, inspired by the Qing dynasty design. The terrine of the wine is reused to break and direct the water in a dynamic landscape.

Design of threshold in China. The legendary springs of Suining - Tuopai Winery - inspired the eleven cantilever columns of the Gateway design for Martha Schwartz Partners. The water column channel rainwater creating an incredible performance of natural unpredictability.

Construction Pictures on Shede Winery Tuopai Site, 2019

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