Bangkok Brail


Breaking, Color changing


Studio: Martha Schwartz Partners
Team: Martha Schwartz, Marcus Iatsch, Alicia Hidalgo, Claudia Pandasi, Matthew Williams, Cristina Morbi


This dynamic circles-canopies slope to collect the rainwater and drainage of the monsoon rainfalls into a pipe-system. The unique beauty of this elements, in toughened laminated glass is a performative mutation in time. Once they are broken, the surface fragments in pieces, but still performs in his structural ability thanks to the laminated PVB layer. The color of the disk, in pink, will graduate towards the orange in 10 years’ time, according to the UV exposure of the PVB colored interlayer, creating a transition of color in time. The canopies are in toughened laminated glass, and we aim to evoke the beauty of rupture. Each canopy will call people to appropriate the space by braking the glass and revealing the pattern of the toughened method. A beautiful small particle will be revealed. The idea is not only make a space which respond to the not conventional behavior of citizen, but change the perspective on spatial appropriation. People are called to participate to the breaking and make the space performing.
CONCRETE PAVING TILES The paving, in colored concrete tiles, is as well subjected to UV and rain exposition, which lead to the depigmentation of the color, towards a beautiful beige - dove gray, erasing the four different entrance, towards a unique enthusiastic art place, a flying plaza. The skywalk is covered with 5000 concrete pavers, creating a unique iconic and colorful pathway. The pigmented concrete is an highly instable material and we worked in creating a landscape that evolve together with the lost of pigment. Using a Brail strategy, all the pavers are marked with a code, which will represent each of the 12 colors used. With time, the pigment will fade till disappearing, but the traces of it will be visible in an intricate pattern left for future interpretation of the space, a colorizing game of each tiles.

Transformation in timeframes in the key element of our performative approach of BTS Skywalk. Hacking a project of Martha Schwartz Partners. We aim to show the possibilities of working with time design the unpredictable change of material and appropriation of people in space.

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