Climate Performance

Politecnico di Milano - School of Design

Politecnico di Milano - School of Design
Martha Schwartz Partners
Markus Jatsch, Cristina Morbi Workshop Coordinator: Giovanna Piccinno
Assistants: Daniele Mazzinghi, Alice Zingales
Students Assistant: Kristina Michkute, Gaia Brambilla

Awards: Exhibition Triennale International - Broken Nature

Climate Change is a global reality which will affect our planet and our daily lives. It is mainly communicated as a global threat, but it also offers a wide range of new opportunities to improve our lives and the way we use the planet in the future.

The Landscape is seen as the performative interface between the transformation of time and space and the students must face the challenges of operating through a creative approach within the evolution that will affect our planet. There is an opportunity for a design which uses the tools of space and time, projection and prediction, questions and new answers.

The design workshop “Climate Performance” attempts to communicate performative aspects of Climate Change through the impact of time on a public spatial design installation within the urban context of Milan. The workshop is in the tradition of Land Art, an art form which was established in the United States in the 1960s and which brought an awareness to the landscape as a cultural and artistic medium.

Designers face the ability of using pressing issues of climate change in relation to the urban context, collecting objective data, and transferring them in a subjective experience of installation/spatial design. The relationship between artificial and natural, contingent and ephemeral are some of the key points designers need to face in their work.

Landscape will be understood as an artificial environment which is designed and created by humans. This understanding is a crucial basis for tackling climate change, a problem which humans created and, we believe, humans will also be able to solve.

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