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United Kingdom



Competition: Amber Memorial
1st Prize
Team: Cristina Morbi, Kristina Chan

    Weight hung from a fixed point so that it can swing freely, oscillating and regulating the extreme.

This sculpture illustrates the search for balance. Suspended from the gazebo’s central fixture, it floats delicately above a circular base of sand and metallic powder. The base represents that of a zen garden.The pendulum is weighted and designed to swing gently with the wind. It shows the balance between momentum and inertia, demonstrating both moments of peaceful stillness and meditative introspection offered by the intermittent subtle swinging of the piece.

This piece reminds us how everything can change with the wind, it can offer us direction, a refreshing breeze, a shift in perspective. It can abrupt, momentary, or long lasting. In any case, it gives form to the air, showing us how we are often most affected by that which we cannot see, or articulate.

Temporality. Balance. Meditation. Introspection.
The pendulum hangs above a zen garden. Its interior is weighted with a magnet. As it swings, the iron fillings (metallic powder) moves with it. The movements of the wind are thus tracked, and the wind’s movements drawn in real time through the base of the sculpture.

The sculpture demonstrations the passage of time, both literally and metaphorically drawing lines in the sand. It illustrates the movements of the wind, in real time. It changes as soon as it is drawn, as we are changed by the events and days we experience, shaped by the gratitude and hardship, taking different forms, consistently evolving, never fixed.

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